Dangers of crash dieting

Hey guys! I was a guest on Huffington post live just a few minutes ago!! Check out my segment!

Huffington Post Live

Happy Monday Everyone!! First let me start by saying congratulations to Linz on her new baby boy! I’m just stopping in real quick to tell everyone that today at 4:50pm I will be on the Huffington Post LIVE channel discussing the dangers of Crash Dieting and the pressure to be thin!  I’m very excited for […]

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Siblings Day

Sorry this post is a little late today.  Short and sweet. Today is national siblings day and if you got on facebook… I’m sure you know.  Happy siblings day!                          

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Camera Fail

I made some really good chipotle fajitas last night.  I also planted some peppers and flowers in the garden.  I took a million pictures of both of these events.  Only to learn this morning that I didn’t put the memory card in my camera.  Epic Fail.  My brain is seriously ridiculous lately.  So now I […]

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Pics From My Phone


Good morning everyone!  Happy Wednesday. I walked into the store today and found artichokes on sale…. not once in my life have I ever thought about cooking an artichoke but looks like tonight is the night folks!  Also on the agenda for after work is starting my garden!  We’ve had such a long winter here […]

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The Science Center


Over the weekend we started on our list of summer activities.   The kids really enjoyed the St. Louis Science Center.  It’s free to get in, $10 to park.  Cheap family day for sure. At first the kids were scared of the giant dinosaurs but after a couple minutes they warmed up and I think that […]

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Living Life The Right Way

Good morning and happy Monday to ya. Sorry I ignored you for a week but I’m happy to say things are slowing down for me. We had a fabulous weekend and crossed off something on our list of summer fun. We took the kids to the Science Center. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow. Today […]

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Summer Bucket List

Happy Monday everyone! Over the weekend between working (okay maybe while working shhh) a list of things I want to do with the kids this summer around St. Louis.  They are getting big enough to where they actually enjoy going out and experiencing things without being too much of a hassle for us parents. Let’s […]

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Braiden’s First Hockey Game

We took Braiden to his first hockey game last night! It was mine also.  We had a blast and Braiden even slept with his hockey puck souvenir.  He’s even more excited to start playing.     Here’s to family time and many more games!  (Monday on the blog will be my yoga post and Tuesday […]

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